Things we Value


The Gospel of Jesus Christ answers the questions of life.  North Baptist Church is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Jesus Christ throughout our congregation, in this community, and in the world, to build up the family of God


Purposes: This church will:

Witness to our eternal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and glorify His name who created all things visible and invisible, and who is humanity's only Redeemer - by profession of our faith in death, resurrection, and imminent return, by spiritual growth, love of members for one another corporate worship, committed stewardship, dedicated service, social action, evangelism and mission work Minister to anyone and seek Christian fellowship without regard to gender, race, age, nationality or social distinctions. Cooperate with other Baptist churches, other denominations, and worthy community organizations.


Church Covenant

  • Having been reconciled to God, redeemed by His blood, and clothed in His righteousness through Jesus Christ our Lord, with joy and gratitude we make this covenant with and with one another:

  • We seek meaning and quality in our life through Bible Study, prayer and worship

  • We pledge to give of our time and money to the ongoing support of this church and its purposes.

  • We recognize the need for one another and commit ourselves to the sharing of each other's joys and the bearing of each other's burdens.

  • We will respect each other's individuality

  • We will seek a larger vision of our faith, trusting always in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, Who can enable us, even to risk our lives for our faith in Jesus Christ,
  • We promise that when we are no longer able to belong to this church, we will join another church where the spirit of this covenant is active